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Tooth And Claw "Dream Of Ascension"

Debut album from a new metal/hardcore supergroup consisting of Scott Crouse (Earth Crisis), Daniel Austin (Die Young), James Chang (Sect), and Cameron Joplin (Magnitude) exploring new realms of aggression. While Tooth And Claw clearly set out to be a "heavy" band, they had ambition to make this one that would at least flirt with brief ethereal soundscapes, not just bludgeon you with chunky riffs the entire time. Hence the synth parts, hence the chanting and singing parts, hence the flourishes of melody all throughout the record.

Track Listing:

1. Dream Of Ascension
2. Your Crucifixion
3. Time's Desire
4. Seventy Times Seven
5. Kiss Of Night
6. Arrival
7. Torn In Half
8. Spiritual Lust
9. Ravage