Refuse Records


Step Forward "Demos 1989-1990"

Step Forward. They were, in many ways, the origins of the scene that, in the '90s, exploded with bands like Refused, Abhinanda, Doughnuts, and Final Exit, making Umea hardcore a thing outside of Sweden. The band was only around for a fraction of time but they had a huge impact on the small world surrounding them, and vocalist Dennis, of course, went on to form Refused right after the break up. Imported from Poland.

Track Listing:

1. Away
2. Think Ahead
3. For Myself
4. Nothing To Say
5. My Love
6. Deal With It
7. 3 Mil Till Vannas
8. Does It Make A Difference
9. Killing For Profit
10. The Dream
11. Filler
12. Outro
13. Change Today
14. Stop The Madness
15. A Point Of View
16. I Am Me
17. False People
18. Face The Reality
19. Tomorrows World
20. 4U
21. Steppin Stone