State Line Records


The Ducky Boys "Chasing The Ghost"

After tours with Street Dogs, The Unseen And Flogging Molly in 2006, The Ducky Boys quietly faded out of sight. Plans for a new album and a brand new record label were announced in June 2011 to wide support in the punk rock underground. "Chasing The Ghost" was scheduled for a January 2012 release and, with that, State Line Records was born and The Ducky Boys was back for a third stint.

Track Listing:

1. New Chapter
2. Nobody's Home
3. Won't You Come Home?
4. Surrogates
5. I Guess I"m Broken
6. Getting Better
7. You Sing The Chorus
8. An Angel Like You
9. Cure Me
10. Goodbye & Good Luck
11. Hey Liberty
12. I Lied
13. That Which Doesn't Kill Me
14. Feeling Alive
15. Medicine
16. The Sweetest Girl
17. There's Always Another Way