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The Boils "From The Bleachers"

Originally released in 2005 on TKO Records, "From The Bleachers" was The Boils' third full-length. It was never released on vinyl though until now. Limited edition of 370 copies.<br>

Track Listing:

1. The Iron Eagle And The Liberty Bell
2. Blood On The Fields
3. Dominate
4. A Far Cry From Extinction
5. Bullies
6. Into The Enemy
7. Blue Route Blues
8. Mjollnir
9. Crossover Rules
10. Bed Of Whiskey
11. The Arson Song
12. The Cogs Will Turn
13. El Lagarto
14. Slit Your Throat
15. Declaration Of War
16. The Vatican
17. Valley Of Death
18. In The Scope Of The Hunter
19. Teach Arrives
20. Skinhead Reggae Beach Stomp
21. Philly Shreds