Sailor's Grave Records


The Koffin Kats "Our Way & The Highway"


After more than a thousand shows and eight years of international touring, "the road" is where Detroit, MI-based Koffin Kats now call "home." The Koffin Kats take the Motor City attitude and mix it into a toxic blend of hair grease, tattoos, and thumbing psychobilly punk rock 'n' roll. The Koffin Kats signed with Sailors Grave Records for the release of 2012's "Our Way & The Highway," a culmination of all things KK with their rich history, road scars, and outlaw-psycho punk blood running furiously through every ear-ripping track. New pressing now available on black vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Riding High
2. The Way Of The Road
3. It Happens Every Night
4. Severing Ties
5. For The Good Times
6. The Devil Asked
7. Keep It Coming
8. Choke
9. A Terrible Way
10. The Bottle Called
11. Locket Of Sin
12. Baby Don't Love You
13. Boozincrossanation
14. Don't Waste Your Time