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Starving Wolves "The Fire, The Wolf, The Fang"


Confronting the dark corners of our world with unflinching defiance comes Austin, TX's own Starving Wolves to flip the sound of punk upside down with their new full-length, "The Fire, The Wolf, The Fang." Forceful and dark, yet with an undying spirit of resilience, the journey of "The Fire, The Wolf, The Fang" is ultimately a cathartic experience, and a scream of survival and hope for those left behind in a world that can feel bleak. For fans of Black Flag, Idles, Rancid, The Chisel, and The Clash.

Track Listing:

1. Nothing More
2. Burn The Stations
3. Mixed Blood
4. Ossuaries
5. Tracks On The Tank
6. Right Eye
7. Alec's Song
8. Face Down
9. Please Listen (I Feel You, I Feel Me)
10. Love Is Fleeting
11. Wild Fire