Pirates Press Records


Rancid "Indestructible: 20th Anniversary Edition"


While the title clearly sums up both Rancid and this album, there's always the problem of setting a bar too high. With albums like "...And Out Come The Wolves" gaining such incredible praise and response across the world, and albums like "Life Won't Wait" and "s/t (2000)" only getting that level of praise and recognition from the (still, admittedly enormous) group of diehard fans, they were left with a big task answering questions from the mainstream press, as well as their true fans - and they delivered in a huge way. Kicking right off with a nod to the late great Joe Strummer, Rancid drew from the passion and urgency Strummer always stressed - and the result is an album full of treasures. 7" pack is bound together with a collectible, printed, faux leather obi-strip and is limited to 1,000 copies.