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Blind Pigs "Capitania"

Following their recent single "Sentinela Dos Mares" and on the back of a huge 20th anniversary tour around Brazil, here is Blind Pigs' full-length "Capitania" available for the first time as a 10" picture disc. The album was released on 10" colored vinyl in March 2013 only in Brazil and sold out immediately. Pirates Press Records is partnering with the band's own (Brazilian) label Sweet Fury Records to get this back into print in this collectable format. 10" includes digital download. 10" includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Incorruptivel
2. Punhos Cerrados
3. Sentinela Dos Mares
4. Uniao
5. Ferro, Graxa
6. Antro De Trastes
7. Cinco Cadeados
8. Adolescencia Acabou