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Billy Liar "Crisis Actor"


With this album, Billy Liar showcases his outstanding talent for storytelling and his ability to capture raw, unfiltered emotions that resonate with listeners on a deeply personal level. Clocking in at just 28 minutes, this album is a proverbial uppercut to the jaw. Whether armed only with his guitar or backed by a full band, Billy Liar will be traveling the globe, commanding stages of pubs, clubs, and arenas alike with this new set of tunes ready to catapult him into the hearts - and record collections - of punks worldwide.

Track Listing:

1. Oblivion
2. Baltimore
3. Negroni
4. Failure Factory
5. Phantom Limb
6. Ostrich
7. Starlight On Main
8. Cheyne Stoking
9. Don't Trust Anyone
10. Hogmanay
11. Troubled Mind