Pirates Press Records


45 Adapters "Collected Works Vol. 1"


45 Adapters is a band made up of veterans of the oi scene who got together at reggae and soul DJ nights and decided to make music in between drinking heavily and dancing until the wee hours of the night. Coming from deep roots in classic oi and street rock, 45 Adapters also bring smart mod sounds, nods to '60s soul and reggae, glam, pub rock, and even hints of classic rock to the table. The end result is a truly unique sound combined with original subject matter in what can be a stagnant genre. New pressing now available on orange vinyl. 2x10" includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Not One More Day
2. The Bridge Store
3. Metropolitans
4. Overtime
6. Throw It Out
7. Brand New...
8. Third Time
9. This Xmas
10. What's Right
11. Nothing To Prove
12. Nutmeg
13. Paved
14. Tiny Bites
15. Ey You