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Jetty Boys "Let 'Er Rip!"

The Jetty Boys formed in 206. By late 2007, the Jetty Boys recorded their first demo, which ended up being their first official release ("Rally!," 2008). Since then, the Jetty Boys has gone on to play over 400 shows and released two full-lengths and a bunch of split records.

Track Listing:

1. Playin' Around
2. Wasted In The Basement
3. Save Me From Myself
4. I Have Nothing
5. 10 Years
6. The Un
7. Speechless And Blinking
8. Abandon Ship
9. Cherry Cola
10. I Don't Know
11. Forever Dumb
12. Pawl!
13. Last Chance
14. To Say I'm Sorry
15. Come Pick Me Up