Indecision Records


Zombie Apocalypse "This Is A Spark Of Life"


Zombie Apocalypse plays coarse, violent hardcore designed to animate the lifeless and call the undead to fight the final war. From break-neck thrash to ground-shaking breakdowns, this band has taken on the responsibility of heralding the end of mediocrity, pain, and fear. A combination of rich imagery and frenetic songwriting provides a glimpse of true horror and of the end we all know must be coming. Now available as a 12" and limited to 200 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Prologue: Forthcoming Apocalypse
2. Morti Viventi
3. Red, Black, And Blue
4. The Dead In The Queue
5. Bastard Shit Bastard
6. Every Horror Every Day
7. This Day Is A Spark Of Life
8. Fill My Mouth With Dirt
9. March On To Victory
10. Epilogue: Legions Of Dead Prepare For War