Go Kart Records


V/A "Your Scene Sucks"

An amazing hardcore compilation with featuring unreleased tracks from Sick Of It All, Kill Your Idols, Missing 23rd, Breathe In, Tear It Up, Books Lie, The Curse, Reaching Forward, Let It Burn, Ensign, Revolution Summer, Rise Against, Wage Of Sin, Engage, Capdown, and more!

Track Listing:

1. The Control - December 21st
2. Breathe In - We All Do Time
3. Sick Of It All - My Little World
4. Heads Vs Breakers - Take Care Comb Your Hair
5. Most Precious Blood - Typical My Heart
6. C.r. - Mtv Activist
7. Kill Your Idols - Fur Is For Fucks
8. The Curse - Skipping Lunch, Leaving Early
9. Revolution Summer - Humility
10. Tear It Up - Close My Eyes And Hope For The Worst
11. Tear It Up - Relationshit
12. Capdown - What Doesn't Kill You
13. Missing 23rd - A Song For The Ex
14. Downpour - Does The Path Of Glory Lead To The Grave
15. Rise Against - Obstructed View
16. Wage On Sin - Severed
17. Ex Number 5 - Zero To Sixty In 10.6
18. Left With Nothing - Fingerprints To Sand Paper
19. Toxic Narcotic - People Suck
20. Jedi 5 - My Friends Got A Loom, I Can Make You A Jf Bathmat No Problem
21. No Denial - Lo