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Letter To The Exiles "Make Amends"

Letter To The Exiles has persisted in sharpening their skill and sound, honing it into finely pointed hardcore-influenced metal even during the most formidable of times. LTTE know the struggle to keep moving forward is worth it; they know that the creative push that allows them to write the honest and direct lyrics that comprise their new album, "Make Amends," is essential to what the band is at its very core. Musically, "Make Amends" promises to be aggressive, following in the immortal footsteps of the great NY hardcore and metal bands that have come before, while simultaneously exhibiting the band's ability to keep things progressive by interspersing the hard with the soft, and unveiling the moments of peaceful calm they have interwoven throughout the album.

Track Listing:

1. Open Graves
2. Conversations With Fallen Saints
3. Retribution
4. They Made Me The War Machine
5. Thieves
6. A World Of Wicked Men
7. The Violence Of Our Kind
8. Transcendence
9. The Greater Hand Of Lesser Sons
10. Make Amends