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Jump The Shark "Staring Death"

With several demos recorded, including 2007's "The Sweet Lou" demo, Jump The Shark played as many shows as they could jump on, slinging their latest recordings to the dirty little hands of hardcore kids and punk rockers in and around Panama City, Florida. Touring made the band re-evaluate themselves, focus on getting organized and start writing what they wanted to hear and not what the "in" thing is at the time. After some rehashing, literally and figuratively, drummer Jordan Leake set out to record the full length DIY style, packed with the intensity and fury from their live shows - "Staring Death" is the hatchling.

Track Listing:

1. Zombeach
2. D.W.V.
3. Nottingham
4. Baby Sas
5. Staring Death
6. Sick & Sold
7. I-10
8. Wizard Lizard
9. Shine
10. Shepard's Mesa
11. Toe Wop
12. Poundstown
13. Claw
14. Nun-Sense
15. Did It In The Winter
16. Punch The Clock