Dead Truth Recordings


Everymen "When Water's Thicker Than Blood"

Everymen is far from a household name, but they have been stirring around South Florida and along the East Coast leaving ghosts wherever they perform their brand of foot-stomping, punky, folky rock 'n' roll. Forming from friends, as well as former members of other acts performing around Lake Worth, Florida, Everymen is the clang! boom! in the flat-lined state of modern music today, incorporating banjos, mandolin, upright bass, accordion and just about any other unconventional instrument to create tiny masterpieces to scream from the soul. Everymen released their first offering in pure DIY fashion in winter 2010 and is now fit to release their first full-length, "When Water's Thicker Than Blood," via Wayward Parade Entertainment and Dead Truth Recordings.

Track Listing:

1. What You See Is What You Get
2. Good And Evil
3. Yellow Porch Blues
4. Bottle Of Tears
5. Don't Rain On My Parade
6. Nothing Left To Lose
7. Full Bucket
8. Apocalyptic Lullabies
9. Not A Good Long Term Plan
10. A Song For Cowboy