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Bleeding Through "Dust To Ashes"

The crushing debut from metalcore giants Bleeding Through. Recorded in 2000 at Doubletime Studios (Atreyu, Eighteen Visions, Unbroken) and released in 2001, the 11 songs on "Dust To Ashes" are the bands harshest, rawest, most pissed-off work. Years of angst and bitterness explode out of vocalist Brandon Schieppati while the band takes traditional metal-hardcore (Integrity, Earth Crisis, Hatebreed) and adds elements of Swedish heavy metal (At The Gates, In Flames) and thrash (Testament) to create a heavy, angry and brutal first release.

Track Listing:

1. Turns Cold To The Touch
2. Hemlock Society
3. Just Another Pretty Face
4. Shadow Walker
5. Ill Part Two
6. Reflection
7. I Dream Of July
8. Oedipus Complex
9. Lay On The Train Tracks
10. Thrones Of Agony