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Agnostic Front "Get Loud!"


A godfather figure is understood to be a purveyor of genre, a pioneer in a particular realm of creation. As a band that has cultivated their reputation with honesty and that prioritizes affirming their social messages to the world, "Get Loud!" is well suited as the title for Agnostic Front's 12th, full-length studio album. For such a memorable album, the reappearance of "Cause For Alarm" artist Sean Taggart was vital in order to deliver a piece of art that perfectly combined the old school with the current state of the world. Now available again on CD for a new, lower price.

Track Listing:

1. Spray Painted Walls
2. Anti-Social
3. Get Loud!
4. Conquer And Divide
5. I Remember
6. Dead Silence
7. AF Stomp
8. Urban Decay
9. Snitches Get Stitches
10. Isolated
11. In My Blood
12. Attention
13. Pull The Trigger
14. Devastated