Beach Impediment Records


Vidro "Glod"


And here we have it, the North American pressing of Vidro's brilliant second 12" titled "Glod." Featuring an amalgamation of members that span the globe from Brazil to the USA to their sonic and geographical home of Stockholm, Sweden, Vidro has been churning out quality hardcore punk in recorded and live settings for five years now with no apparent signs of letting up anytime soon. Previously released on Germany's Kink Records near the outset of 2022, this North American pressing serves both as a means to alert the uninitiated of what they've been missing along with providing a taste of what is to come. Limited edition of 500 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Stockholm Ekar
2. En Syster Mer
3. Anti Allt
4. Vita Handen
5. Kom Natt Kom Dag
6. Vagornas Svall
7. Dansa
8. Vem Bryr Sig
9. Nastan Galen
10. Digital Karlek
11. Do For Ingenting