June 19, 2020 2 min read

In October of 1995, Porcell was preparing to move out of the Philadelphia temple and looking to sell a few random items he had laying around. One such item was the original reels to Skiz 4, otherwise known as the Wide Awake “CT Hardcore” 7”. My girlfriend (now wife) Traci and I decided to make the purchase and add the reels to our collection. Originally, with Porcell’s suggestion, we had thoughts of re-releasing the 7” as an LP with the extra tracks that up until then had never been released. Like many plans and ideas that pop up, the LP never happened, but eventually by the late 90s, Jeff from Smorgasbord Records contacted me and asked to borrow the reels back so that they could use them for the discography that Smorgasbord was now going to do.

At some point, shortly after us buying the reels, Porcell scratched up a few Wide Awake photos and a couple of other random items, wrote the following little memories down, packed it up in a manilla envelope and sent it our way. I always thought this letter was great and really summed up some priceless memories. -TM DCXX

October 18, 1995

Straight edge revenge. Pile ons. Duane Some Records. Butt dives at CB’s. Hair bleach. X Swatches. Anthrax graffiti wars. Backside airs. “Flame still burns, suckers!” van. Pre-show workouts. Don Fury’s zebra couch. Crippled Youth sleep-overs. Pit police. Near beers at Walter’s. Superbowl of Hardcore. Schism “fold and bag” parties. Bad Brains with pic sleeve. 255 N. 8th St. Slap fights with Mike. Champion hooded sweatshirts. The L train. The wall of fame. Mosh parts. Richie at the Wah Wah Hut. “Together” sing-a-longs. Al Brown’s cool Dag Nasty shirt. “Storming The Nation” tour. Turning 20 at O’Mahoney’s. Powered by Gibson. The Youth. The Crew.

This is about all that’s left in the memory banks. Funny that we can’t hold on, even if we want to. “This world’s like a dream, it’s not what it seems. We think it’s solid but it fades instead.”

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