September 26, 2022 1 min read

Thomas Rackow of only.hc.sticker is a dedicated collector of hardcore stickers and is gearing up for a show in France this month with help from the hardcore community and Supreme. We caught up with Thomas to see how he got stuck on stickers...

1. Who are you and how did you get into collecting stickers?
My Name is Tom Rackow. I am 49, Married with Kids, I do social work and live in Germany. I love and collected Stickers, for example Star Wars, since I was a kid. I collect HC /Punk Stickers since the early 90s. My Collection has grown very much since I started the IG Account a few years ago.

2. Whats your favorite sticker and why?
Hard Question. I like so many…
It’s maybe a tie between the OG Youth of Today Promo Sticker by Caroline Records for "We‘re Not In This Alone" and the OG Promo -Stickers Postcard for Quicksand "Manic Compression," two of my alll-time favorite Records and they just look super cool.

3. Is there a sticker you don’t have but really want?
Hundreds! Stickers from the early 80s are very hard to find. Same goes for some late 80s NYHC ones like side by side. Some early / mid 90s Rev Stickers like Judge, Farside, Statue.

4. Do you like dye cut stickers or more traditional rectangles and squares?
I like both ( see Quicksand) they just need to look good.

5. Favorite band on Revelation Records?
Youth of Today .

But I also love GB,Chain of strength, Inside out, Sense Field, Farside, Quicksand, In my eyes, Shelter and so on and on.

You can follow Thomas on Instagram here: @only.hc.sticker.