May 19, 2020 1 min read

A new collection of Youth of Today x Revelation Records products that we're calling Rev of Today are up for pre-order now. In further appreciation for our Rev co-founder and all around hardcore legend, Ray Cappo, there is a Spotify playlist curated by scene historian John Scharbach A.K.A @youthcrew88 showcasing some of Ray's musical contributions, have a listen and enjoy these words from John.

"I was asked to make a Spotify playlist of bands that Cappo has been in, but Reflex from Pain and Violent Children aren’t on Spotify. Neither is The Rebirth of Hardcore compilation with exclusive BTAK and Shelter songs and more importantly, neither is the Together comp or The Way it is. If you feel inclined to cover every base and seek those recordings out, they are fairly easy to find, but if you have trouble, just contact me and I can send some shit over. I went chronologically—see how far you can make it. Luckily for most of you Beyond Planet Earth, The Purpose, the Passion, and Eternal aren't available either. I know some people don’t fuck with Shelter, and when it comes to late-era Shelter... look man, I KNOW, but I’m a mark and I ride for the whole catalog. If anyone wants to get down in the weeds and discuss live sets, outtakes, or interesting in-between song banter for any of these bands, then hit me up. I think about this shit every day."