May 19, 2020 1 min read

This flame will keep on burning strong! Double Cross that is, talking Dave Bett and the early days of Revelation Records design.

In 2008, Tim McMahon started the Double Cross blog and brought his friend Gordo on board. DCXX served as the platform for them to take a deep and often fanatical dive into many Revelation bands and other classic hardcore. The blogging landscape was new. Over time they built content and brought friends Ed McKirdy, Larry Ransom, and Tony Rettman into the fold as the blog expanded into a website before being exhausted in 2013. Here's a recent post from McMahon kicking it all off -

"Ever since the original Double Cross site went down years ago, we've been throwing around ideas on how, when, and where to resurrect it. Considering we had put so much time and effort into it, to let it all disintegrate into oblivion seemed like a huge waste. Well, it looks like we've finally found a solution. With the brand new Revelation Records website that recently kicked off, we're teaming up with Rev and will be releasing a bunch of our archived material to the new Revelation Records - Speak Up blog. The plan is to eventually start doing some new content as well, but there's plenty of classic, archived content to share in the meantime. Hope some of you will get reacquainted with these old stories and for those who have never seen it, hopefully, you'll enjoy it."