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Oakland's Pitch Black have returned with the follow-up to their 2003's self titled debut. Pitch Black's new full length, This Is The Modern Sound, has a more well rounded sound than on the previous release. Calling on some of punk's most legendary bands for influences, This Is The Modern Sound rips and roars with a sound reminiscent of The Wipers, Gun Club, Crime, and Hot Snakes.

Pitch Black burst onto the San Francisco Bay Area music scene in late 1999 but they are no strangers to the scene. Members have been in Screw 32, the Nerve Agents, Big Rig and Cat 5.

Kevin Cross - Guitar, Vocals
Jeremy Goody - Keyboards
Jamie Morrison - Drums
Martin Munroe - Bass, Vocals, Guitar


1. Tonopah
2. Lovelock
3. The Veracity Of Baggage
4. Toothcutter
5. Sutured Heart
6. Plastic Eyes
7. Mine Shafts And The Laws Of Gravity
8. Maze Of One Ways
9. The Screaming Song
10. The Monkey Song
11. Executives And Art Directors