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The Silhouette EP consists of five new songs recorded by Ethan Dussault at New Alliance Studios in Boston. Always trying to push their own envelope, Garrison only push further with this release. It's little more chaotic, a little more pissed off, and a little faster than their prior efforts. Track one "Come on Die Young (No Seriously)" meshes Black Flag and The Beach Boys in one mess of noise and holler, while "Everything You Want" recalls adrenaline fueled Samiam with a chromatic build. Add to this some various sounds of a tape machine breaking and there you have it. Bigger, stronger, louder, louder than ever before.

Joseph Grillo - Vocals, Guitar
Ethan Dussault - Bass, Vocals, Bariton Guitar, Noise
Ed McNamara - Guitar, Vocals, Organ, Synth
John LeDoux - Drums
(Guy D'annolfo plays drums on tracks 2 and 4 of this ep.)


1. Come on Die Young (No Seriously)
2. Everything You Want
3. God Is Not On Our Side
4. We Know Our Demographic
5. The Closer