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Never did guitarist Matt Fox think Shai Hulud would go any further than a demo tape or 7". How wrong he was. Shai Hulud's history includes numerous national and foreign tours with all of the biggest acts in hardcore, a strong force that made it through multiple lineup changes, and lyrics that have helped plenty of fans battle the hardships of life. But you can't forget where it all began: "A Profound Hatred Of Man" demonstrated a technical hardcore style that influenced the entire metalcore scene and broke through lyrical theme barriers.


1. Hardly
2. If Born From This Soil
3. For The World
4. The Bonds Of Those Who Have No Understanding Of Consequence
5. Love Is The Fall Of Every Man
6. When One Bests Defeat
7. Fearless Vampire Killers
8. Set Your Body Ablaze
9. Anesthesia
10. Linoleum
11. Damage, Inc.
12. Lost Cause
13. Faithless Is He Who Says Farewell When The Road Darkens