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In My Eyes have always been a special band, sort of a "most likely to succeed" for the hardcore scene. There's always been something that sets them apart from other hardcore bands, and their new LP "Nothing to Hide" shows exactly what this something is. It is the ability to communicate their emotions and convictions through music. Nothing to Hide has all the energy and aggression that their demo and "The Difference Between" had, but it expands their sound into someting truly unique. You can still hear the echoes of bands like Minor Threat and Youth Of Today, but the new album brings in even more of a sense of melody and structure than their previous record. This new fuller sound captures the energy, urgency and sincerity that makes them special. Nothing to Hide is the fulfillment of the potential that In My Eyes had when they burst onto the scene.


1. Take The Risk
2. For The Moment
3. Nothing To Hide
4. Can't Live Through Me
5. Perspective
6. Making Sense
7. Welcome To Boston
8. On My Side
9. What's Wrong With Me?
10. The Big Dig
11. Another Way
12. The Weight Of Words