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Rev 25 NYC October 11-14 Irving Plaza


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Rev 25 NYC October 11-14 Irving Plaza


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Rev 25 NYC October 11-14 Irving Plaza


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Quicksand To Play FYF Fest


Having played their first show in over a decade at the recent Revelation Records 25-Year Anniversary show in California as the special surprise guests, Quicksand is slated to return to the stage once more at this year's FYF Fest. Click the flyer below for more info.:

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Debut LP from Your Favorite Trainwreck is Out Now!


Your Favorite Trainwreck's new album is out now and it's available from RevHQ (this is the new band fronted by Jeff from Gameface and Popeye from Farside)! It's on red vinyl and comes with a free digital download. Check it out here:

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Set Times For Rev 25-Year Anniversary Shows Just Released


Set times have been released for the Revelation Records 25-Year Anniversary shows and are as follows:

Thursday, June 7th
10:45 Into Another
9:30 Sensefield
8:35 Ignite
7:45 Gameface
7:00 In My Eyes
6:15 Kiss It Goodbye

Friday, June 8th
10:45 Youth Of Today
9:30 Gorilla Biscuits
8:35 Sick Of It All
7:45 Bold
7:00 Supertouch
6:15 Shai Hulud

Saturday, June 9th
10:45 Gorilla Biscuits
9:55 Sick Of It All
8:40 Youth Of Today
8:00 No For An Answer
7:00 Underdog
6:15 Bold

Sunday, June 10th
10:45 Gorilla Biscuits
9:00 Underdog
8:15 No For An Answer
7:30 Statue
6:50 In My Eyes
6:15 Shai hulud

Thanks for reading!

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Into Another Launch New Website


With the Revelation Records 25-Year Anniversary show as the catalyst, Into Another has launched a new, official website. The band will be headlining the first day of the event on Thursday, June 7th at The Glass House in Pomona, CA, a bill they're sharing with former label-mates Sense Field, Ignite, Gameface, In My Eyes and Kiss It Goodbye.

Check out their new website here:

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The Rival Mob Signs With Revelation Records


The Rival Mob was born in a bitter wasteland known as Massachusetts in the year of 2007 AD, where 5 men were brought together by a common goal: to play hardcore punk in a manner most hard, cold, and real. Having had a bit of experience here and there playing in bands such as MIND ERASER, FREE SPIRIT, MENTAL, RIGHTEOUS JAMS, THE WRONG SIDE, XFILESX, THE PROWL, BOTTOM LINE, NEW LOWS, LOVELY LADS and R'N'R , it wasn't long until Boston's infamous practice space and recording spa the Pain Cave was ringing with riffs. Inspired by late 80s hardcore a la Breakdown, Rest In Pieces, Youth Of Today, and Crippled Youth, the boys recorded their first demo (an '87 Breakdown worshipping slab of meat) and started playing shows and making a name for themselves within the wonderful hardcore punk community. Not long afterwards they were approached by Boston hardcore hero and entrepreneur Greg Willmott and a deal was inked for a release on the notorious Lockin' Out label. In late 2008 the "Raw Life" EP dropped like an atom bomb and the word was out: The Mob ruled all. Gigs and tee shirts began to flow like wine as the Mob continuously attacked the Northeast, Canada, and beyond. Unwavering in their style, the "Hardcore for Hardcore" EP was released in 2010 on Six Feet Under records to smashing success.

Aged like a fine wine and seasoned like a fine meal, The Rival Mob return yet again for their first full-length LP on Revelation Records entitled "Mob Justice." "Mob Justice" will take the raw meat and potatoes Rival Mob formula and pump it full of caveman steroids. Not for either the faint of heart or the faint of pit - so don't say you weren't warned.

Photo by Kate Frese

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Free Sense Field Show


Sense Field will be playing a free warm up show on Wednesday, June 6 at the Slidebar in Fullerton, CA. Capacity is limited so be sure to arrive early to obtain your wristband.

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Youth Of Today LP Reissues Pre-Orders Up Now


Pre-orders for both Youth Of Today's "Break Down The Walls" and "We're Not In This Alone" LPs are up now. Along with the recently repackaged "Can't Close My Eyes" LP, this completes the Youth Of Today reissues series, returning their records back to the original artwork and layouts.

Check them out here.

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Kiss It Goodbye Plan Run of West Coast Reunion Shows


Seattle, Washington’s Kiss It Goodbye will be doing a run of reunion shows along the U.S. West Coast in June, including the already reported Revelation Records 25th Anniversary show in Pomona, California and hometown show. Dates below.

06/06 Tempe, AZ @ 910 Live
06/07 Pomona, CA @ Glasshouse (Revelation 25th Anniversary)
06/08 Oakland, CA @ 924 Gilman St
06/09 Portland, OR @ The Hawthorne Theater
06/10 Seattle, WA @ The Highline

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New Chain Of Strength T-Shirt Available May 8th


While going through the archives getting ready for the 25th anniversary shows we've been uncovering some gems. We'll be re-issuing some long-out-of-print records and putting out some shirts that haven't been made in years. To start things off, Chain Of Strength have asked that we print up some "What Holds Us Apart" shirts using updated original artwork and also make some hand-screened posters. Both will be available for order on May 8th. The first ten orders for the shirt will get a free copy of the poster.

CHAIN OF STRENGTH What Holds Us Apart limited edition shirt - Original artwork recreated on a premium black tee using soft-feel ink. Front, back, and sleeve prints and number stamped inside lower cuff 200 copies.

CHAIN OF STRENGTH limited edition, numbered, hand-screened poster 250 copies.

Available at on May 8th.

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Supertouch To Play Free Show On Record Store Day


Rev alumni Supertouch will be playing a free show at Generation Records in NYC on Record Store Day (4/21) with Chris Daly (formerly of Jets To Brazil, Texas Is The Reason, 108, et. al) sitting in on drums. Click the following link for more info.:

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Revelation Announces 2012 Record Store Day Releases


Record Store Day is rapidly approaching (April 21) and once again Revelation is releasing some cool vinyl for the big event. Here's a bit of info on each record:

IGNITE Call On My Brothers LP (REV091)
Originally released by Conversion Records in 1995 on CD/LP, Call On My Brothers became a modern day hardcore classic. The record went out of print when Conversion closed up shop a couple of years later. The album was out of print for two years and it was re-released by Revelation on CD in 2000. Now, Call On My Brothers is coming back to vinyl for the first time since 1995! 538 pressed on purple vinyl and only available from record stores on April 21st.

FARSIDE Rigged LP (REV033)
Their incredible second LP. So Cal's finest in melodic punk. Great songs, incredible harmony, essential packaging. Possibly the greatest record ever and it's now available on vinyl again after being out of print for several years. 510 pressed on root beer colored vinyl exclusively for Record Store Day.

SENSE FIELD Killed For Less LP (REV032)
The first full-length album from one of the most incredible bands out of Los Angeles. Fourteen songs that take music to new levels and incredible artwork by Gavin Oglesby. Like a lot of our titles from the '90s, this release has been out of print on vinyl for several years. Now is your chance to get it on vinyl again! 556 pressed on yellow vinyl for Record Store Day.

INTO ANOTHER Self Titled LP (REV024)
Their first release. Metallic prog-core that set the wheels in motion for a band that even now – fifteen years later – is still ahead of their time. Like Sense Field and Farside, this album has been out of print for years. Now you can own it on green vinyl. 553 pressed for Record Store Day.

Can't make it to Record Store Day? These releases will also be available from on different colors soon. In fact, they're already available for preorder here. All releases include a free digital download of the record. We have more vinyl re-presses in the works. Details will be posted soon.

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Revelation 25th Anniversary show first night lineup


Lineup for the first night of the anniversary shows is complete today. Tickets on sale Saturday 3/31/12 at noon.

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The Manufacturing Of Mouthpiece's "Can't Kill What's Inside" LP


Mini documentary video on how a vinyl record is mastered, pressed and manufactured. Featuring the making of the Mouthpiece "Can't Kill What's Inside" LP.

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25 Year Anniversary Show Tickets On Sale Today


Tickets to the Revelation Records 25 Year Anniversary Show go on sale today at noon, Pacific Standard Time. You can buy your tickets at the following online locations:

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Upcoming Bold Show


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25th Anniversary Revelation Records Shows


2012 is the 25th anniversary of Revelation Records and to mark the occasion, there are three shows coming up in June featuring Youth Of Today, Gorilla Biscuits, Underdog, No For An Answer and Statue, with more Rev alumni to be announced. Click on the flyers below for info.

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Walter Sings For Gorilla Biscuits As Civ Breaks Ankle


During Gorilla Biscuits' show in Argentina on November 17th, Civ broke his ankle in two places (see the painful pictures here and here). Walter Schreifels filled in for him for the remaining shows they played on their mini-tour. We all wish him a quick recovery.

Here are some clips from the Santos and São Paulo shows: New Direction (Live @ Santos, Brazil):

Forgotten (Live @ São Paulo, Brazil):

Time Flies (live @ São Paulo, Brazil):

Biscuit Power (Live @ São Paulo, Brazil):

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