Battery, from Washington D.C., bring their commitment to hardcore and the Straight Edge. Battery's mix of old school style hardcore with a new sound. Battery featured members of bands like Shelter, Frodus, Worlds Collide, Ashes, Damnation A.D., Miltown, and Better Than A Thousand.

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BATTERY- Whatever It Takes...

Battery are back, and they have managed to impress me again. This is their fourth full-length, and their best one so-far. These four guys from Washington perform an extremely powerful and emotional style of old-school straight edge hardcore with lots of sing-alongs and very sincere lyrics. Brian McTernan is without a doubt one of the genre's best vocalists - and he has much more to say than empty phrases! The last of the 12 tracks called "Whatever it takes.." is without any doubt one of the best hardcore-unity hymns I've ever heard. Definitly one of the best hardcore releases of the last years... if only the production wasn't so wishy-washy!
[Revelation Records]