The late eighties was an exciting time to get caught up in the hardcore scene. While many of the early pioneers had moved along, the scene went through something of a renaissance with a new crop of energetic kids who had seized the power of the music, and molded it into something that was relevant to the style of their times. Leading the pack in this regeneration was Revelation Records, a label that released a batch of seven-inch singles and albums, by bands like SICK OF IT ALL, GORILLA BISCUITS, BOLD, JUDGE and CHAIN OF STRENGTH, and would go on to redefine and reinvent the hardcore scene forever.

Somewhere in central New Jersey, a group of friends attending Ewing High School were spinning these records and going to see their favorite bands incessantly. Their experience would spark inspiration and would together form the almighty MOUTHPIECE.

In between getting their band from the basement to the clubs, an abrupt change happened within the hardcore scene. Most of the bands MOUTHPIECE wanted to share the stage with had suddenly broken up or changed paths. With no concern for the changes in sound and style going on around them, they went along with their original agenda and unconsciously became the band to lead straight edge hardcore into the nineties until their demise in 1996.

Fast forward to 2008 and the inspiration for MOUTHPIECE's formation comes full circle with the release of Can't Kill What's Inside on Revelation Records. The disc contains the band's entire recorded output as well as previously unreleased soundboard recorded live tracks. The packaging contains many unseen photos of the band, as well as a complete listing of every show the band has ever played in their existence. The final product is a labor of love and a sight to see, and proves to be another important installment in the Revelation Records catalogue.

* Mouthpiece are currently showing hints of activity both through vocalist Tim McMahon's DoubleCross fanzine and new band Triple Threat. Mouthpiece have not announced any live shows to date but are not ruling out the prospect.


(1990 - 1992) Tim McMahon, Jason Jammer, Chris Schuster, Pat Baker, Pete Mattson

(1992 - 1994) Tim McMahon, Jason Jammer, Chris Schuster, Dave Rosenberg, Pete Reilly

(1994 - 1996) Tim McMahon, Jason Jammer, Chris Schuster, Sean McGrath, Matt Wieder

(2000 Reunion) Tim McMahon, Jason Jammer, Chris Schuster, Ed McKirdy, Espen