The Red Sox. Harvard University. The Charles River.

In My Eyes.

Minor Threat. Youth Of Today. Judge... In My Eyes. Stage Dives, singalongs, pile-ons... the pattern is simple to follow. From 1997 to 2000. In My Eyes established themselves as a fixture in the city of Boston, the straightedge scene, and the world of hardcore.

In early 1997, five kids from Massachusetts set out to form a band that exemplified hardcore the way they grew up on it. Soon after releasing a demo on their own that sold several thousand copies, In My Eyes were signed to Revelation Records. Seemingly overnight, In My Eyes had take over the hardcore scene.


Damian Genuardi - Bass

Luke Garro - Drums

Jeff Neumann - Guitar

Anthony Pappalardo - Guitar

Sweet Pete - Vocals

Interviews and Reviews

One thing spawned the formation of In My Eyes in the early months of 1997... five people who love hardcore. In My Eyes, residing in Boston, MA, has set out to play a brand of hardcore that they call their own and stand behind it. And it's been snowballing ever since. One year after a West Coast tour, a demo, and dozens of mini-tours, the release of "The Difference Between" has surfaced. Boasting cover art by Pushead (Metallica, Misfits, SSD), a mix of new songs and redone demo tracks, and the heart and soul of five hardcore kids, "The Difference Between" is the band's proudest achievement.

"We aren't caught up in emulating a genre or style. We just play hardcore the way we would want to listen to it." This is a quote that has echoed time and time again when the band has been asked about their sound. All of it's members see In My Eyes as more than just another hardcore band; "it's all about energy and setting your sights on something and achieving it". Although there is an urgency that permeates each song, there is no reason why In My Eyes can't be seen as a fun band with a sense of humor too. The underlying theme is illustrated in lyrics that are open to the listener yet rooted in experiences that relate to everyone.

"The Difference Between" was recorded at Salad Days Studios in Boston with the undying assistance of label mate Brian Mcternan of Battery. The album contains of ten new songs and and a few tracks that appeared on the demo that have been revamped with the aid of a new studio and almost a year of tightening up. The pace is fast, energetic, sincere, and fun, and can be appreciated on many different levels, but most importantly as hardcore. "The Difference Between" is the diary of five friends who have set out to have fun but have something to say at the same time. This record welcomes you to find out just what the difference between In My Eyes and everyone else really is., by "noneed66"