Under Things Killed


Continuing in the manner of their significant local predessors, Christiansen constantly pushed the boundaries of what was expected. Fusing together the fervor and originality of their hometown influence, adding to it a passion not unlike Fugazi's, mixing a youthful intensity on par on with Thursday and the musicianship of At The Drive In, bringing to it the advantage of being best friends since childhood, Christiansen really have something unlike anything else.

Formed in 1998, this talented quartet of individuals was comprised of Brandon Bondehagen (guitar/vocals), Robby Scott (guitars), Brad Magers (bass) and Terry Campbell (drums), all which live and practice under the same roof. Each bring with them their past experiences from such bands as The National Acrobat and By the Grace of God and influences that are varied as much as each of them. Their distinct personalities seep through and encapsulates the future of indie rock, incorporating jazz, subtle electronics, progressive and insightful lyrics that question the often stagnant society... all the while keeping its catchy composure.

Interviews and Reviews

When I looked at this album cover, I jumped to the conclusion it would be rehashed 80's punk, or something along that line. I couldn't have been more wrong.

The Louisville, Kentucky band Christiansen have created an almost perfect album with Stylish Nihilist. With great riffs, progressive time changes, and catchy lyrics, they pull you in and don't let go.

The production work on this album is done by Sal Villanueva (Thursday, Taking Back Sunday), and it is flawless. To be honest, no matter what I say, I can't quite put into words how good this album really is, so go out and buy it; it speaks for itself.

For fans of bands like Thought Industry and Last Crack, you'll definitely want to check these guys out.