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Sinking Ships bring a sound that, unlike many of their peers, embraces the traditional sounds of hardcore years past without attempting to regurgitate the style and aesthetic and instead tread new ground in their own work. Bands cited for reference points range from Turning Point, In My Eyes and Bane to such bands as Embrace, Falling Forward and By The Grace Of God. An interesting mix to say the least - not pigeonholed, yet also not something that falls anywhere outside the realm of hardcore.


Danny - Vocals / Paul - Guitar / Andy - Drums / Colin - Bass

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On July 18, 2006 Auburn/WA's SINKING SHIPS will release their debut album "Disconnecting", a record that has everything to become a true classic. The band's mix of furious hardcore-energy and spine-shivering melodies is nothing but awe-inspiring. Thanks to guitarist Paul, who took the time for this interview.

Q: How is life treating you guys at the moment? You seem to be on the road all the time.
A: Life is totally sweet right now. We just had a nice two month break from touring, so I'm looking forward to hitting the road again. While it does seem like we tour a ton, recently we hung out with first blood who we toured with in March, and they haven't stopped since we were with them. I can't imagine that.

Q: First off and before I forget it, please tell me who had the idea to shoot those hilarious videos that you had on your homepage! The moshing cat is probably my favorite music video of all time!
A: Well, Danny's got a degree in video production, so those were both made rather quickly. Honestly, it was 90% boredom. I mean, cute kitten+ video camera+ band= video, haha.

Q: Your demo already blew me away, but your debut-album "Disconnecting" tops off even my highest expectations. How have the reactions been so far and how happy are you with the new material? Do you have a favorite song on "Disconnecting"?
A: We haven't gotten a ton of feedback yet. The official release date isn't for a month, so we'll see how it goes over. I, myself, am really stoked on the new stuff. I'm my own worst critic, so there's a ton of things that I have issues with, but overall I feel it's an accurate representation of where we are now as a band. My favorite song on the record is Ghost Story, which is probably my favorite song we've written, on both a lyrical and musical level.

Q: For a relatively new band SINKING SHIPS sound amazingly experienced. Did you guys play in other bands before, so I can design a rad-looking sticker for my copy of "Disconnecting" with a super-impressive "ex-members of..." list, haha...?!
A: Haha! As for ex-members, we don't really have anything that cool to speak of. The bands I've officially been in haven't done a ton (Rosary, Left With Nothing, ect), but I did a lot of filling in. Andy played in the Physical Challenge. We try to shy away from ex member stuff.

Q: Even though many newer traditional hardcore-bands work with elements of melody, "Disconnecting" has a totally distinctive sound. What would you say are your main influences? I guess, it's more than just old hardcore records, right?
A: Thanks man, I take that as a compliment. For me, I really draw from a lot of Dischord bands, past and present. Bands like Rites of Spring, Ignition, Faith, Fugazi, ect. We took a lot from those bands and kinda filtered it into our own thing. We also still jock Count me out and In My Eyes... a lot.

Q: The lyrics of your new songs are all fairly desperate and melancholic, but I'm sure many of our generation can relate to your words. What is to you the lyrical essence of "Disconnecting" and in how far is there still light at the end of the tunnel?
A: There were a couple of different things that came through on the record. I know that there's an ongoing theme of moving on and giving up. I don't think it's like "oh I give up on everything, wahhh", but everyone has those times when you just have to say fuck it to everything and everyone. The reason we called the record Disconnecting, is because we felt the record had a theme of losing people and losing the past.

Q: The artwork of "Disconnecting" shines with a thick, emotive atmosphere and looks fairly atypical for a hardcore band. Somehow I feel pleasantly reminded of old Mid-West or Louisville-bands. What's the concept behind the art and who took those beautiful pictures?
A: Holy Shit! We totally were trying for an Intial Records look for the record. Seriously. We did the layout ourselves, mainly Collin putting it together while Danny and I hassled him all the time. Danny got all the photos from his mother, so it's pretty cool family stuff.

Q: Your new album features quite a few guest-appearances. Was it a spontaneous thing to invite friends like Jim (Champion) and Scott (Shook Ones), because they live more or less next door?
A: When we were writing, the only two people who we were adamant on guest vocals were Kris Johnson and Scott. Kris has been friends of ours for years, and when we started the band, we were always saying we were going to write a short song for him to sing called Deadlocked (named after his old band), and we finally got the chance to. Which ruled. He drove out from spokane to lay down vocals and it was totally rad. Scott simply because the band we are closest with is Shook Ones, we're label mates and have toured together a ridiculous number of times. They're our best friends, so we wanted Scott on the record. Jim ended up being pretty spur of the moment, cuz he was there for gang vocals and he just did the line really quick. Tory who sings for the awesome band Lahar just fit perfect for the song ruin, so we had him do those line.

Q: By the way, how is it being part of the amazing hardcore-community of the northwest? How does it come that so many outstanding acts hail from the North-West?!
A: It's awesome. So many bands come from here just cuz the northwest is isolated from the rest of the country, so the bands that start here have to work really hard to get noticed in other parts of the country.

Q: One of the greatest bands of your area, Champion, recently called it quits. Have you witnessed their final show and if so, how was it seeing one of the best bands of all time saying goodbye?
A: It was sad for me on a personal level. I've seen that band more times than any other band. I moved to the North West 7 years ago, and they played their third show the first show I went to out here, so I've grown up with them. They definitely opened the doors for bands from our area all over the world and it's an amazing thing. I'm gonna miss them, but Jim is in the room right next to me playing World of Warcraft, so I don't miss him too much, haha.

Q: What would interest me, how is it working with a label like Revelation, that has put out pretty much every hardcore-classic? How came the deal together?!
A: We met them when we did the Generations Comp, and just got to be friends. Bob Shedd is a big Broncos fan, and made things happen. It's awesome to be on a label that's put out so much great music.

Q:To come to an end, do you follow the Soccer World Cup or couldn't you care less?! Admittedly, it's eating up all my time and I should be happy when it's over (that I won't be)...
A:Sorry man, I never got into World Cup. Soccer just never caught on in the States the way it does everywhere else, although I used to follow the DC United when I lived in Maryland. But right now the Mariners are four games back in baseball. In the summer when the mariner's are in the playoff hunt, I am useless, I do nothing but obsess over that stupid fucking team that does nothing but let me down and shit all over me. Oh well.
Go Mariners!

Q:Thanks a LOT!
A:Thanks for the interview!!!