Quicksand were one of the most influential New York post-hardcore bands of the early to mid-90's, led by Gorilla Biscuits mastermind/guitarist Walter Schreifels. Quicksand provided the blueprint for many bands to follow in their footsteps.

The band released two widely-acclaimed albums in Slip and Manic Compression before disbanding in 1995. In 1997, Quicksand reunited, and embarked on a successful tour in 1998 with The Deftones. Towards the end of the year they entered the studio to begin work on a follow-up to Manic Compression, but tensions within the band caused them to split up for good.


Walter Schreifels - vocals/guitar
Tom Capone - guitar
Sergio Vega - bass
Alan Cage - drums


03.13.18 Adelaide, Australia The Gov: Quicksand
03.09.18 Brisbane, Australia Max Watts: Quicksand
03.11.18 Melbourne, Australia The Corner: Quicksand
03.07.18 Sydney, Australia Metro Theatre: Quicksand

Interviews and Reviews

Listening to this album will make you want to quit your day job and start your own hardcore band. Quicksand's ability to make sheer disappointment seem so utterly inspiring is something to which we all should aspire. When you hear the album's opening drum roll and guitar riff in "Fazer" you unknowingly whip out the old air guitar moves and rage with Walter as he screams, "all sense aside, left out in the cold sight of your routine getting old."

Anchored in New York City's hardcore scene, Quicksand pool their collective edge and aggression together to give you one of the most accessible and exceptional albums of the past decade. This album is fiercely heavy and honest. Quicksand's music is an all out sonic attack on your senses, senses that have been dulled for far too long anyway. Walter's throaty voice and disenchanted lyrics combined with the weighted dissonance of the guitars make you realize how long its been since you heard something this raw and honest. If you play it right, this album should make your teeth hurt.